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Please note: If you have lesser subject please select the credit potion equal to zero, which will exclude that subject selection from calculation

How to Use CGPA Calculator?

4 Credit Subjects for Semester 1 students

MA101, PH100, CY100, BE100

3 Credit Subjects for Semester 1 students

BE110, BE101-0X(Your core subject related to your field of study), BE 103, CE100, ME100, EE100, EC100

1 Credit Subjects for Semester 1 students

PH110, CY110, CE110, ME110, EE110, EC110, CS110, CH110

Here is a detailed guide on how to use the CGPA Calculator. Click here to learn how to use the above calculator for semester third students.

For semester third students click here

For semester first/second students, refer here to get the exact credit points to use in the calculator click here

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