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We all loves to play games. Games are so powerful that they keep you interested on the plot. The amount of energy your get while completing each task is soo addictive. For students who are fairely new to programming without any earlier programming experience will find official documentation for python extremely boring. Even I used to feel the same until I found CheckIo.Org.

CheckiO is an interestingly popular website to learn python and improve your python coding skills by the help of their community by playing games. CheckIo was developed by Alexander Lyabah from Ukraine. He developed it while he was learning Python. CheckIo don’t have any boring moments. Each level has an increasing level of difficulty. You basically has to follow what they need you to accomplish in each task. CheckIo also helps you brush up your programming skills and coding style by letting you explore other peoples codes. As a web developer, I developed good coding skills by reading a lot of other people’s code. No two person thinks the same way, everyone has their own style of coding. Getting acquainted with many style of coding will help you in the long run.

Learning by doing is a fool proof method to master anything, you will be tested and trained to tackle real life programming challenges. Mastering python is an important skill any computer science and engineering student requires in this era. Learning python will enable you to explore wide ranges of Computer Science topics from web development to Machine learning.

KTU Students has to learn python in their first year.

Where to learn python by playing?

Click here to check out the platform and start your coding adventure. The end results will be extremely rewarding. You can choose between Javascript and Python to code. Since KTU syllabus is based on python, you should start with python and later try Javascript too. Javascripts importance is increasing day by day with new additions such a Node.js, Angular.js and react.js.

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