Top Websites for Students to Download Engineering Textbooks

Buying textbook each semester is difficult. Soon after joining the college. I, myself began to rely on e-book sharing websites. If you search for KTU Engineering Textbooks, hundreds of websites will come up. Most of them are just gimmicks and fake. They tends of offer free books. But soon they will ask you for your credit card information. It is a no brainer not to share the details with them. Since, the authenticity of those websites are doubtful. I have asked few of my senior friends for some good websites. And they gave me a long list of websites. Sadly almost all of them does not exists anymore. I have gone through the rest of all those websites and selected a few from them. Finally I have curated a short list. Therefore the below list will help you save time searching online.

Also, give us a share before going through the list. Because that will encourage us to curate more lists. Most of all, we haven’t checked online purchase options in any of the websites. Try to verify authenticity of website yourselves. Make sure to scan the downloaded files before you execute it. Also, we can assure you the authenticity of Scribd. They are one of the oldest players in the e-book industry.

Finally, before you download any book refer to KTU Syllabus. And make sure to download book those are relevant.

engineering textbooksWebsites to Download Engineering Textbooks.

1. Scribd.

Scribd is a website focuses on open publishing. It has more than a million books. It also has more than 60 million of openly published documents. Therefore, this website is a must have for any engineering students.  But, you have to pay a nominal fees to gain access.

2. Bookboon.

It is considered as one of the largest ebook publishing platform. A total of 50 million ebook download has been registered.

Visit Bookboon

3. Faadoo Engineers.

Faadoo Engineers is a forum for engineering students. But also, they have one of the largest e-book collections.

4. Slideshare.

First of all a slide sharing website. I have listed them here because they are hosting slides of many great titles.

5. Bookzz

A free public domain book searching platform. They have many copyrighted materials included in the search.

6. BookSC

Finally, an e-book site intended for science crazy students. You can search the wesbite for books using the given search box. While its parent website Bookzz focuses on a broad area of interest.

7. PCPQueries

The blog is home for thousands of good engineering textbooks, ready for download. They also has some good study materials for computer science students. The website was created by Chirag Palesha and Priyanka Nimbolkar

Do you know any other website other than the ones listed above?. Let us know it in the comments.


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