Studying and learning are the part of engineering culture. To learn and to keep learning is a difficult task. One of the few difficult factor of engineering is the abundance of topics. And you have to go through themĀ  in such a short time period.

Internet in a free resource for most of us to learn and keep learning. There are a few of the eminent educationalist who have easen the path for us.

How to study by Bill J Rapaport


Bill J Rappaport is professor emeritus of computer science at University of Chicago at Buffalo. He has written a very well detailed and explained article on how to study engineering or any masters degree.

Go to HOW TO STUDY by Bill J RapaportĀ 

Surviving Engineering

Dr. Richard M. Felder is the Hoechst Celanese Professor Emeritus ofindex Chemical Engineering at North Carolina State University. He advices students related to note taking, doubt clearing and other less known, but very important facts.

Surviving Engineering by Dr. Richard M. Felder