KTU Syllabus is an outline of the topics to be covered by the tutors who handles the respective subjects at the colleges affiliated to APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University.

The KTU syllabus is set out by the board of some teachers as claimed by the university and is supervised by the university. KTU syllabus includes six modules in every subject having different weightages. The KTU syllabus is framed on the basis of year and not completely semester based. But, KTU follows a semester based education system. Colleges has the right to choose semester of delivery on at least some of the subjects. KTU has split up the course into eight different time period as below.

  • First and Second semester.
  • Third semester.
  • Fourth semester.
  • Fifth semester.
  • Sixth semester.
  • Seventh semester.
  • Eight semester.

So in conclusion syllabus is actually a contract between student and the university in terms of what they will teach you. So before you join a university, you should refer to their syllabus structure.

KTU B.Tech Syllabus for student studying under Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University, Kerala for engineering courses are as follows. First year is common for everyone. From second year onwards, it is different.

What are the difference between a curriculam and a Syllabus?


It is broad presciption of how the entire course should be conducted, and it is set by the government or university officials. The likelyhood of chances of changes in curriculam is close to nil.

Download Kalam Technological University’s B.Tech Curriculams from here.


It is the narrow description of the course subject, which is framed by few teachers and the likelyhood for changes in syllabus is very high. And syllabus changes every year in almost all international universities.

KTU Syllabus For Bachelor in Technology (B.Tech) Courses