KTU’s Rules for Assigning Activity Points

The quality of engineering graduates were in decline at Kerala. APJ KTU were introduced to rescue the declining value of engineer graduates from Kerala, though they are still under radar for being sympathetic to the private college. Even after being accused for many worthless and confusing decision KTU is introducing the updated rules for assigning activity points.

activity points are obtained by actively improving the self of every students. participating in clubs, being part of college NCC or NSS, doing MOOC courses, starting their own startups and employing 2 people are a few of the ways students could earn points.

Though this decision might have serious draw backs such as most studious students couldn’t cope up with the ever-changing atmosphere etc. I will explain many ways to the fellow students to tackle this and earn as much as points through easiest, quickest and smartest way possible in upcoming blog posts.

Let’s have a look at what KTU’s new announcement.

They have listed 32 ways in which student can earn points. There is no limit to earn points. I firmly believe that those who earn maximum points will have a good value among the companies rather than the book worms. Since an engineering university shouldn’t be encouraging book worms, who just memorizes stuffs and literally vomits it in the answer paper.

What are a few good ways to earn points then?

While going through the above notification, I have personally felt that easiest way in KTU Rules for assigning activity points to earn points is MOOC, which is abundant in internet now days. I will come up with an article which discusses about best MOOC courses and tips to complete the course effectively.




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