KTU Introduction to Computing and Problem Solving Study Materials

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Introduction to computing and problem solving is the core basic subject included in syllabus for KTU computer science and engineering students. The problem solving part is taught in Python, the increasingly popular language. Python is not a langauge to be avoided. Most of our readers searches for easy python questions, most easiest questions et cetera. Do you know that python is considered as one of the easiest programming language. Most of the tasks and function are inbuilt. Making it easier for a student to master it. To check power of something raised to something. You can just type

import math

And you are done. Rather than going through tedious coding.

In our earlier post, we had discussed the concept of Learning Python Through Gaming. In that post we have discussed an easy method master python. Abundance of books were written on Python programming language. Choosing one among those thousands is really tedious and will steal students time. Time is a valuable property, students should use techniques like Pomodoro to wisely manage time.

KTU Introduction to Computing and Problem Solving Study Materials.

KTU Introduction to Computing and Problem Solving Textbooks

The top three books for KTU Introduction to computing and Problems solving are available free of cost online.

1. A Byte of Python by Swaroop.

It is a free book written by Swaroop CH for beginner students. 

To read the free book, go to here.

2. Learn Python the Hard Way.

It is an extremely popular book on python, which will enable any Student to master KTU Introduction to Computing and Problem solving. It is written by Zed Shaw to accompany his course with the same name.
Download the book here.

3. Non-Programmer’s tutorial for Python.

It is book written by various people who are experts in the Python .

Visit here to get the book.

Python Video Tutorials.

People tends to images and videos way better than the same old text books. These videos are chosen in such a way that it will enable a student to a quickly revise everything related to Python. We recommend playing it with 1.5x speed.

1. Learners TV Python video Tutorials.

Learners TV has a very nice collection of python tutorials covering basics to all the up to most advanced topics.

Click here to go to the Learners TV

2. TheNewBoston.

Nicely explained videos for even students without any programming background. The tutor itself is an enthusiastic learner. So, One can expert much better quality content.

Click here to go to TheNewBoston

Python Problems.

Learning through solving problems is a must for any any computer students. Websites like Practice PythonCoding Bat and w3 resource helps us to master python easily and efficiently.

Python Problem Sets PDF Download/KTU Python Sure Questions.

The following problem sets covers the most of the questions that can be anticipated in the KTU Question Paper for Introduction to Computing and Problem Solving.

Download the book with practice questions from below.

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